EduGrievance is a web based grievance redressal solution brought to you by Oréll, the next generation information technology solutions provider serving the education domain. EduGrievance is an online complaint redressal system that allows higher education institutions to enhance satisfaction of students, parents, teachers and other institute stakeholders through comprehensive grievance management service. EduGrievance is highly sophisticated to automate the grievance process right from complaint registration to its closure. It also enforces optimal strategies to ensure the grievance gets attended within desired timeline or gets escalated to higher authorities for proper attention and intervention.

A student/teacher/parent/staff of the institution can lodge complaint through the system by registering in the website. After successful registration of the complaint, the user will get a complaint ID (acknowledgment number) for the future reference of the grievance. The system automatically sends alert to the grievance cell administrator on the complaint for taking required action. Admin will forward the complaint to the officer incharge who deals with the specific complaint category. Once the complaint is resolved, petitioner will get an alert message and he/she can view reply to the grievance posted. The stakeholders of institute tend to develop greater confidence in this online grievance and feedback mechanism as they are given formal acknowledgement via SMS, Email and other online notification in a confidential way.

Unlike paper-based grievance redressal, EduGrievance curtails the delay or failure to reach the right person and enables the admin to redirect each to the relevant incharge officer instantly. Students, parents, teachers and other staff can effectively redress their complaints in time bound manner. Moreover, it is more convenient for the consumers to lodge the complaint through the website. After receiving complaints via EduGrievance, admin will verify the authenticity of the complaint and forward the complaint to the concerned officer incharge for attending the grievance promptly and effectively. The incharge officer after proper redressal of the complaint through effective action sends reply to the complainant with supporting files, if any. The complaints redressed will be shown as closed and the complainants can reopen the case if they are not satisfied with the solution or action taken on their grievance. The admin of the grievance system can also forward the complaint to next level of investigation for a satisfactory resolution.

EduGrievance has mainly three interfaces. The fully automated system includes a user interface for students, teachers, parents and other non-teaching staff, admin interface for managing the entire system and another one for the grievance cell members.

Benefits of GRS

The prime benefit of EduGrievance is to make users get solved their problems easily by using the online complaint system. Files are kept confidential and publishing/sharing of the complaint will not happen in any case with this online system. The system can be used by institute stakeholders to raise their grievance and it is taken up by the officer incharge of specific category to give best solution to the problem. The user-friendly interface of the system reduces the distance and time barrier between users and institute management to create responsive and cordial situation in the institute.

Following are some of the numerous benefits of EduGrievance: