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Oréll believes that providing on time and competent service is essential not only to attract new customers, but also to retain existing ones. EduGrievance, the revolutionary online grievance handling mechanism aims at minimising instances of complaints in professional colleges through effective tracking and monitoring of grievances ensuring prompt redressal. This portal for online registration and disposal of grievances help users obtain immediate response and resolution to their grievances from the institution itself.


Why Grievance Redressal System?

Grievance redressal mechanism is intended to facilitate people address their grievances online. This online grievance tracking system is an effective means to communicate with the authorities regarding their complaints in a time saving and cost-effective manner. Besides, online grievance administration ensures that the grievances are addressed promptly making use of grievance redressal technology which automatically tracks and pursues the status. All the students, parents, teachers and other non-teaching staff can use the online grievance redressal portal to find immediate solution to their problems.

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Grievance Redress Mechanism at a glance

Grievance Redressal System is a mechanism commonly used to receive and act on complaints or grievances reported by stakeholders of private or public institutions, enabling prompt actions on any issue raised by them and to avail services more effectively. Unlike the traditional Grievance Redressal approach through letters and complaint forms, the new online based approach such as grievance portals have very great appeal and its usage highly reflects the actual state of customer satisfaction. Grievance Redressal can be handled directly by institutes through their own websites. Also the smart web portal for grievance processing connects stakeholders and action-takers directly through online platform. Grievance Redressal System helps to pursue quick action for solving the grievance, while maintaining affordability and ease to the users.Read More

What Makes Us Unique ?

A Grievance or Complaint can be defined as any kind of communication that expresses discontent about an action or lack of action, about the standard of service or absence of service of an institute and the complainant asks for remedial action. Grievance redressal is necessary in all organisations to investigate reason for the dissatisfaction of client and to obtain a speedy resolution to the problem. It also helps to take appropriate action ensuring the promises are kept by the institution. Grievance Redressal System is used to establish a fair, independent and consistent system for redressal of various issues faced by the stakeholders in private or public institutions and to develop a responsive attitude among all the constituents, thereby maintaining harmonious atmosphere in the campus. It also ensures that the grievances are resolved promptly and impartially with complete confidentiality. Read More

Key Benefits

The prime benefit of EduGrievance is to make users get solved their problems easily by using the online complaint system. Files are kept confidential and publishing/sharing of the complaint will not happen in any case with this online system. The system can be used by institute stakeholders to raise their grievance and it is taken up by the officer incharge of specific category to give best solution to the problem. The user-friendly interface of the system reduces the distance and time barrier between users and institute management to create responsive and cordial situation in the institute. Read More

Types of Grievances

The term grievance usually sets forth the scope of the grievance procedure and outlines the type of complaints including any kind of dissatisfaction, allegation, or complaint that there has been a violation, misinterpretation, misapplication, criminal practices or harassments in public or private organisations. Grievances in education institutions fall into two categories, namely academic and non-academic. A list of grievances in both categories will be set in the EduGrievance system itself. Other grievances pertaining to the users including non-teaching faculty can be entered while the complainant post the grievances.Read More

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UIET signs for EduGrievance

EduGrievance powered by Orell headquartered at Cochin extends with Utkal Institute of Engineering and Technology with a resolution to build harmony among the colleagues and staff members vested with technological quality moving with the saga of innovation, existence and growth. EduGrievance, with a fair and speedy grievance handling ensures a clarity and timely redressal through their software.Read More

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EduGrievance: Prompt Redress for Grievances

An online portal for registering and disposing grievances in colleges is the new AICTE directive that every affiliated institution should abide by. Though grievance redressal technology is the new buzzword in grievance administration, many institutions are not aware of its effectiveness. The lack of flawless grievance redressal technology in colleges results in an increasing number of grievances Read More

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