EduGrievance Portal at Nowgong Polytechnic, Assam

This is a proud moment for Oréll as Nowgong Polytechnic, Assam hosts Oréll's Grievance Redressal System at the campus to ensure complete security and satisfaction to the stakeholders. Following the announcement made by AICTE to enforce an online grievance management portal, Oréll Technosystems, developed a solution that would render all institutes manage the suggestions and complaints made by the students and staffs, in a very systematic manner. The Edugrieavce software ensures that all the issues and sorted out in a timely manner and the software has made it easy for the institutes to submit concise periodic reports to AICTE. Since AICTE consider the performance and functioning of the system during the time of renewal of institute affiliation, Nowgong Polytechnic, Assam can easily get their affiliation renewed with our Grievance Redressal system. Established in 1960, Nowgong Polytechnic is the only institute in mid Assam region which offers Diploma in Engineering. The college has four other branches and all are approved by AICTE.