Hewett Polytechnic appeals for Edugrievance

Raigarh College of Pharmacy engaged with EduGrievance Online Grievance Redressal Software for a comprehensive redressal solution in their campus. For enabling transparency in the college, the mechanism acts on the complaints registered by the applicants and give prompt solutions. The latest updations in the software comprehensively approaches the grievances and make a subsequent investigation for a satisfactory resolution. The prime benefit of the software is to monitor the user interface for students, teachers, parents and non-teaching staff an admin interface for the managing authority and an interface for grievance cell members.

With a variety of outstanding pharmacy practices and experienced practitioners, Raigarh College of Pharmacy, Chhattisgarh has an established academic unit with the mission and vision providing contemporary education and service. The college is committed in delivering state-of-the-art education and research as well as innovative pharmacy practices to their students. The institution maintains affiliation with Chattisgarh Swami Vivekanada Technical University (CSVTU), Bilai and many other pharmaceutical councils.