Nelliandavar avails for best redressal through EduGrievance

Nelliandavar Institute of Technology (NIT) initiates EduGrievance's resolution methodologies in affiliation with the leading university with best of all abilities. The institute provides treasurable student- staff relationship and impeccable campus of rich ambience to the student life. The courses offered in NIT are widely considered in the development of the better world.

EduGrievance dominating the education sphere with its progressive grievance redressal from the house of Orell gives opportunity to implement a set of specific features establishing better transparency in the campus. The mechanism is definitely well-equipped to cater an air of excellence with its best-in-class infrastructure achieving an intricate blend of technological expertise to acquire efficient academic experience. The prime task of a grievance redressal is to look on to the grievances lodged by the distressed ones and to fix it promptly.

As per the recent updations and norms put forward in the handbook provided by AICTE, it has been made strictly essential to register with a Grievance Redressal System to ensure absolute redressal of the students.