Swami Institute of Pharmacy, Abhona hosts EduGrievance Software

Swami Institute of Pharmacy, Abhona has decided to sign up a deal with Orell regarding the purchase of EduGrievance software. Swami institute has been functioning as an epitome of high quality educational facilities and academics since its establishment. Not only diversity and quality attracts aspirant pharmacists to Swami Institute but also an inclusive environment. The policies and services from the management and all the other staff help to maintain the professional image of Pharmacist career in India thereby enhancing the scope of Pharmacy.

EduGrievance has been functioning successfully as an Online Grievance Redressal Portal for the last couple of years ruling the educational software industry with its user-friendliness and quickness in action. The grievances of students, parents and teachers are disposed of by connecting action taking authority and grievance cell members altogether.